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The Linus Lock: A Lot of Reasons to be Excited for its Arrival


My Nest thermostat at home is one of the things that I consider to be my best investments. It allows me to easily and innovatively control the temperature within the household, which is unlike anything I have seen before. It is very state-of-the-art, and hence, perfect for my contemporary home. With this, I have been long waiting for a lock that could be as smart as my digital thermostat. Well, it seems like I do not have to wait any longer as the Linus lock is soon to hit the market. As early as now, I could not wait to have it installed at home and make my guests envious of a new technology that I have incorporated to change the way I live!

What Is The Nest Linus Lock?

The Linus lock is a product of the partnership between Yale and Nest. One being a name that is unrivalled in the world of locks and the other being a brand that allows you to establish connected homes, there is no doubt that this lock is going to be a hit. More than security and convenience, this lock promises to help you make a connected home and one that is technologically-advanced. This keyless smart lock can be controlled with the use of your smartphone. It has a digital interface, which looks sleek and modern. According to the makers, it is the first within the product category to have the ability to tell if the door is open and to monitor who are the people who have been visiting.

What to Love about the Linus Lock

 There are many reasons why this lock from Nest and Yale will be loved by many. Among others, it would be the fact that it can be easily controlled with the use of an app that you have to download on your smartphones or tablets. With the app, you can create pass codes, which can be changed at any given time. It will also be useful in terms of controlling your Nest devices at home. The lock can be opened with just a tap of your phone, which will result into the obsolescence of keys.

When it comes to security, Linus lock can also prove to be impressive. There is no need to be worried about leaving your doors unlocked. You can check it through your phone and have it locked even if you are in a remote location. It also has layered system of permission mirrors to enhance security.

Indeed, the Linus lock is going to redefine not only security at home but also convenience. It is going to be an ultra-modern way to secure and control your home.